Welcome to Happy Pets

Since 1995, Happy Pets has been providing pet owners with a true alternative to boarding their pets when they travel. As our client, you will have a professional sitter taking care of your pets in their own home while you are away.  In-home sitting is the best way to maintain your pet’s peace of mind.

Benefits of Our In-Home Pet Sitting Services:tora_3_by_sos_enka-d52qrnj
  • Your pets avoid stress and changes in routine
  • Pets stay in their own environment, where all the sights, smells and sounds say 'Home!'
  • Pets avoid exposure to illness from other animals
  • Visits provide crime deterrence for your home
  • You have the convenience of no kennel drop-off or pick-up
  • No more imposing on friends and relatives for pet care
  • Return home to contented pets
miaw_by_nasirx123klikx-d52pmj7Please continue to browse our website for more information about our staff as well as our services. Contact us today to schedule a visit from our sitter staff.

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