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The absolute best . I have them for over eight years. The love animals and will take care of them like they own them and your home too.

We just love happy pets and have been using them for years. They are always there when you need them and always reliable. Our pets love them and it makes us feel so confident knowing that our pets are cared for so well when we need to be away. We would highly recommend them!

Cheryl and her assistant have been caring for my pets when I have been away since she opened her business. Word of mouth brought me to her. She was able to maintain my various groups of kitties (I rescue cats and have had as many as 12 living in the house and a few outside) exactly according to mywritten instructions. All this before the internet or cell phones! She has been able to take care of insulin shots administer complex pill regimens and varied diets in multiple feeding and litter stations perfectly. She is loving toward my cats. Here is an example. In 2003, while I was away in DC, my old stray Mahler, who lived in my special cat abode, had a heart condition. While I was away, he had a stoke, and was paralyzed below the waste. Cheryl called me in tears to let me know, and I gave her permission to take him to the Cat Clinic in Greensboro to have him put to sleep. She handled this beautifully with deep compassion (he was her favorite kitty of my crowd). She stayed with him while they administered the drugs and saw to it he was retained by the vet for me to get later so I could bury him myself. Cheryl will always hold a special place in my heart. I never think of anyone else to take care of my home while I am away!
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